Capt. Chris




I focus only on Big Trout Fishing in East Matagorda from Sept - May.


East Matagorda Bay is one of the premier big trout estuaries along the Texas coast.  This is where I have developed all my big trout-tracking skills, covering every cove and shoreline fishing and searching for specific structure and locations where “sows” hangout in the colder months.


I have fished both fresh and saltwater my whole life and have caught just about everything possible.  But there is nothing I am more passionate about than targeting big trout. As a guide, this is my only goal…. putting you on big trout.


My extreme passion, careful conservation, and great success at catching and releasing big trout significantly inspires me to teach and help others catch, photo and release trophy trout.



  • If you’re just beginning and want to learn more about targeting big trout I will teach and help you develop your skills.
  • If you’re an intermediate fisherman and want to test or improve your skills and learn new tactics, our time together will focus on areas you want to improve and techniques you want to develop.
  • If you’re a trophy trout expert we’ll fish stride-for-stride.… searching for that 30+” - 10+lber.
  • Or, if you just want to learn the Matagorda Bay system, I will take you to each part of the bay and give you detailed information to help you safely navigate and help you begin your own quest for fishing success.


All guided trips are wading with artificial lures only.  I enjoy being in the water (even when freezing) and strongly feel the best approach to getting close enough to catch big trout is silently stalking the flats. 


No live bait.  I love to throw bigger plugs and test my trout-tricking skills.


All trout over 22 inches will be released.  I am a big believer in conserving resources…. big trout.


I will take pictures of you and the trout, weigh, and measure for a replica mount.


If you appreciate my approach to guiding for big trout, find it intriguing, and want to catch a trophy of a lifetime, give me a call for more discussion and we’ll plan the trip on one of the BEST bay systems for BIG TROUT FISHING.… East Matagorda Bay.

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